Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Wall

I was playing Torchlight on my xbox 360 and it got to the point where I could simply no longer keep playing. I love the game and finally got near the end when I hit the wall where no matter how much I used to enjoy it I simply got bored. It is very rare for this to happen to me. It is not like I never get bored but when I enjoy a game this much it is very odd. I still see what makes it fun but I know I will not finish it any time soon if ever. The difficulty curve is probably what did it to me. The first time I played it I was on the normal difficulty but it was so easy I was not having any fun so I bumped it up to hard. It felt like the right difficulty for me but by the end of the game I am dieing in only 2 or 3 hits. Now it is like the Diablo games where I have to hammer on the potion button ALL the time. It stops being challenging and starts feeling cheap. Things like this make me wonder how game companies miss things like this so often. Have you ever had this happen to you?

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